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Workout haircare tips: protect your hair from damage

/ 05.06.2015
Don't let your workout damage your hair!
Don't let your workout damage your hair!

During a workout, your hair moves around as much as you do, so it requires a different styling approach in order to protect it from unnecessary damage. Of course, your hair should never be something that gets in the way of how hard or how much you exercise, just keep it in mind when styling before and after.

1/ Ponytail placement

If you wear your ponytail in the same place every time you work out, you may find there tends to be some breakage where the hair rubs against your hair tie. To prevent this from happening, make sure to alternate between two or three different ponytail placements.

2/ Increase your hairstyle repertoire

Similarly, it's always a good idea to change your workout hairstyles regularly. Try to get ponies, buns and braids into rotation to avoid stressing your strands out for too long in one particular place.

3/ Your accessory choice matters

Rather than using rubber bands or synthetic hair ties that can damage the hair shaft, make sure you only use headbands and hair ties that are designed specifically to avoid causing any damage as you work out. Scrunchies are really great option because they're super gentle on your hair and they look awesome.

4/ Be selective with shampoo

When you're washing your hair really often, it's important to use a shampoo that's gentle on both your scalp and your strands to avoid stripping away essential oils and causing dryness. You should also be using a conditioner after each shampoo to keep your locks hydrated, and take the time to replenish lost moisture with a weekly hair mask.

Whenever you can, if at all, skip washing your hair altogether and use dry shampoo to revive your hair and lift it at the root.


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