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Winter beauty: easy styling hack to prevent tangles

/ 01.20.2015
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During the winter months, high collars, scarves and cold winds all conspire to tangle your hair more easily than usual, whether you have a long or medium-length haircut. While there are many ways to keep knots to a minimum, braiding is the definitely one of the best ways to protect your mane.

Why braiding saves your hair

A braided hairstyle keeps your strands in one place, so your clothes and the winter weather can't rough them up the wrong way to create a tangled, matted mess. Tighter braided styles are generally the most efficient as looser 'dos do leave some room for the slack hair to get mussed when you're not looking.

Styling ideas

Disheveled hair
Mist your hair with a wave-enhancing spray, then blow-dry it in twisted sections. This will create loose waves that will give any braid an effortless, bohemian look. For a tousled, beachy finish, scrunch plenty of sea salt spray through the ends before braiding.

Sleek chic
Apply a straightening cream to damp hair and blow-dry it straight with the help of a paddle brush. Once dried use a flat iron for any touch-ups, then braid your hair. When you're done, complete the look with plenty of hairspray to add shine and keep flyaways under control.

Winter is a tough time for hair in general, so why not smooth some hair oil through the lengths of your hair before braiding it? Not only will this help to prevent tangles, it will also keep your locks nourished and hydrated throughout the day.


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