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Windswept bun hairstyle tutorial: easy 5 minute updo

/ 11.03.2014
Windswept bun
Windswept bun

When you wake up late or you let yourself press snooze just one time too many, your whole morning beauty routine can get totally thrown off course, especially when it comes to your hair. So, what do you do with your mane when you're in a hurry?

We suggest a messy, windswept bun for mornings like these. As you can see, it looks great, it looks deliberate and it hides all signs of unintentional bed head hair!

Why not try it on your own locks the next time you need a quick styling fix?

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Step one
Begin by detangling your hair with a boar bristle brush.

Step two
Next, spray your roots and mid-lengths with a volumizing hairspray. If you would prefer a more tousled look, use sea salt spray instead.

Step three
Use your fingers to muss and tousle your hair, then massage the roots for added lift.

Step four
To work up even more volume, spray the roots on top and at the crown again, then lift the hair up and tease it from behind with a fine-tooth comb.

Step five
Gather your hair up as if you were going to tie it into a pony at the crown of your head, then loosely twist it into a bun.

Step six
Secure it with bobby pins and use your fingers to loosen the hair on top as needed. To frame your face, gently tease a few pieces of hair loose at the front.

Step seven
Complete the look with a generous mist of finishing spray. You can accessorize with a headband for some extra detail or leave the bun as it is.

Could this style be super speedy hairstyle you've been waiting for?


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