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Why you should try Rosamund Pike's undercut hairstyle

/ 01.05.2015
Rosamund Pike with an undercut hairstyle
Rosamund Pike with an undercut hairstyle

British actress Rosamund Pike is one of the latest celebrities to get an undercut hairstyle. The big question is, would you ever consider trying the look on your own hair?

If you're already thinking about getting a short haircut, you definitely shouldn't rule out this style. The blonde beauty has what appears to be a short bob hairstyle until she puts it up, making for an especially versatile 2-in-1 'do.

Just the right amount of edgy

With the undercut at the back, rather than on one side, the shaved section is easier to disguise when you want to switch up your look.

The overall silhouette when up or down doesn't immediately signal the presence of an undercut either. So, if you work in a relatively conservative environment, this particular take on the look shouldn't raise any eyebrows.

FYI - we recommend double checking the dress code before committing to a cut like this, just in case.

Styling tips

Recreate Rosamund's sleek finish in the photo above by applying a straightening cream to damp hair. Blow-dry it straight with a paddle brush, then finish with hairspray to seal your locks against the elements.

For a messier, wavy look, try some tousled waves instead by scrunching plenty of salt spray through the ends of your hair. To finish, work in a small amount of wax for more texture.

What do you think? Can you see yourself with an undercut?


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