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Why you should try a short pixie haircut for summer

/ 06.08.2015
Is a short summer pixie the hairstyle for you?
Is a short summer pixie the hairstyle for you?
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Pixie haircuts were made for the summer season; these virtually work-free styles are a great way to keep cool and look cool! In fact, the pixie style pays off in so many different ways thatyou may find you wish to keep your cut cropped all year round!

Bold and Beautiful

Cutting your hair in a pixie haircut is telling the world that you've got nothing to hide - literally. At first, it may feel very different; the amount of air you can feel around your neck, the sudden loss of the weight of your hair, how fast you can wash and style. Be bold and know that you'll soon reap the rewards of short hair!

If it's your first time with a shorter style, find a salon with experience in shorter cuts as a good stylist is priceless when it comes to finding the best shape for your hair texture.

Quick and Easy

Not only will you save on shampoo and other hair-care products with a pixie haircut, you'll save time. There will be less to do in order to get your hair ready every morning. Some looks are more au natural, wash and go; others require a bit of work, but still the time invested is minimal compared to longer hairdos. Maybe a few minutes extra sleep in the morning, or a second cup of coffee before work? Don't mind if we do!

Pixie Tips

First, let your stylist guide you toward the particular variation of pixie haircut which most suits your face shape and hair type. To get a perfectly tousled texture that stays all day, you may benefit from using the Studio Line #TXT Shaping Pomade. Be bold this summer with a new, short pixie cut!

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