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What's your stance: "the straight bob" or "the wavy bob"?

/ 04.07.2014
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What's your stance: "the straight bob" or "the wavy bob"?

There's a lot of fun to be had with bobs, and in this sense they're truly an ideal haircut. Whether your hair is naturally curly or naturally straight, you can still embrace a wavy or straight version of this look with some styling and a little product.

For starters, both of these versions of the bob can be worn casually or more stylized for a special occasion, formal affair, or night out. These bobs can also vary with regard to parting (side-part or middle part) and with regard to bangs or lack thereof.

The straight bob

Picture wearing a straight-styled bob with a long side-wept bang: it's clean, stylish and simple. If you wear this bob with a trendy work ensemble, this hairstyle can scream "modern woman". Without all those distracting lengths weighing down your first impression, the straight, chic bob lets the world know that you're competent, and stylish.

The straight bob with a blunt bang is the cream of the crop when considering elegant-chic. This look is a bit bolder seeing as the bangs divvy up your face shape in a dramatic way. The straight bob with a blunt bang is very stylish and can upsell any outfit on any occasion.

The wavy bob

Now let's consider the likes of a wavy bob with a side bang. A wavy bob can be pretty or so elegant depending on your attitude and your outfit. To create the wavy look if you have straight hair, be sure to use some product to hold the wave and to perform hair roller magic to create your unique wave-style. This look has great dimension, body, shape and is definitely an envy-inducing hairstyle.

With either look, make sure your hair is smooth and shiny to accentuate either the sleekness of the straight bob or the beautiful definition of its wavy alter-ego. All in all, it's important to have fun with your bob and not get stuck in a rut.


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