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Ways to make your hair looker sleeker

/ 04.01.2014
Ways to make your hair looker sleeker
Ways to make your hair looker sleeker
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Do you struggle with your hair? Is it always out of control, full of frizz and flyaways? Do you dream about waking up one day with smoother, sleeker locks? The nightmare could be over very soon, with the help of a few styling and haircare tips!

With a few easy-to-use products and styling tools, you can wave goodbye to unwanted ruly hair:

The tried-and-tested method

Ladies have been doing it for years. The flat iron really is a great way to tell you hair to behave, straighten out, and lie down! Your locks are smoother and sleeker in just a few minutes. But if you use this method all the time, you'll quickly find your hair because dry and brittle. So ALWAYS use heat protectant beforehand, be that cream, spray, serum, or whatever suits you.

The war against frizz

If your hair is being a real pain, the next time you wash your hair, attach a concentrator to your blowdryer, and dry your hair in smooth, downward directions. This encourages the follicles to go in one direction. For straight hair, use a paddle brush, but if you're after sleek waves, go for a barrel brush. Afetrwards, apply a tiny, pea-sized drop of serum to your palms and spread though your hair, avoiding the roots.

Shiny, happy hair

Obviously, the best way to have sleek, healthy-looking hair is to take care of it. Use a shampoo and conditioning treatment that are adapted to your hair type, and use a nourishing masque once a week, or whenever you think your hair feels especially dry. Color-treated hair should be cared for even more, as dyes really dry out the follicles.

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