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Want a sleek style with a vintage kick? Try the side part!

/ 04.07.2014
Want a sleek style with a vintage kick? Try the side part!
Want a sleek style with a vintage kick? Try the side part!

Looking for an easy style trick that can revolutionize your current hairstyle? Try using the classic side part. Get dramatic with this one; really pull your hair across your head and smooth it to create that beautiful, retro look.

You can wear this look with your hair either up or down. When choosing the updo version, go for a sleek bun at the back of your head (versus the top), a French twist, or a mid-height ponytail. If your hair is long enough, the side part even looks great with a low classic braid, or a French braid.

Creating the side part

Apply some product to your hair for hold and create the part using a fine-toothed comb. After creating the part, pull the hair to the back of the head and secure in whichever style you choose.

Try using a fine-bristled brush to smooth fly-aways and to get that sleek appearance afterwards. If you choose to wear this style down, it can look great with both long and short hair. For both of these hair-down versions, try creating the side part, and instead of pulling hair to the back of your head, pin the front pieces behind your ears.

This can be a really trendy look that is easy and low maintenance. For uber short hair, try doing a dramatic side part to get that trendy, retro style. This look is, of course, easiest with straighter hair, but with the right pins or product, wavy hair can look just as amazing.

Another great thing about the side part, as with every great hairstyle, is that it can be worn casually or formally. Using a side part versus a middle part with even a low ponytail can boost a look from regular to intriguing, and can make your everyday hairstyle look that much cuter or more put together. The deeper you go with the side part (the more hair you pull over to one side), the more attention-grabbing this look is, so get confident and get going.


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