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Vintage Hollywood waves tutorial

/ 04.06.2014
Vintage Hollywood waves tutorial
Vintage Hollywood waves tutorial

As vintage hairstyles go, sleek Hollywood waves are a total classic, fact. If you're looking to impress with a chic and classic hairstyle from the red carpet, you can't do much better than this. After all, the clue is kind of in the Hollywood-centric name!

Perhaps because of the glam-factor, Hollywood waves can seem like a difficult hairstyle to achieve but we're here to bust that myth with an easy-to-follow tutorial. Keep reading to learn exactly what you need to do!

Make some waves...

As with most hairstyles, preparation is essential. After towel-drying, apply curl mousse throughout your hair and blow-dry. This will provide lasting 24-hour hold and help to make curling your hair a whole lot easier, too. Then take a tail comb and define a deep side part.

Next, you can reach for the curling irons. Curl your hair section by section from about a third of the way down, right to the tip. Do this all the way around your head. Then, lightly run a comb through your hair to transform the individual curls into smooth, cascading waves, just be careful not to flatten them completely.

When you reach the the front section, you want to style some classic peek-a-boo style bangs. For this, wrap a large section of hair around the biggest curling iron you have and hold for a few seconds. Then, open the clasp slightly and pull the iron downwards until the hair pops off the top. Separate with your fingers and then gently comb through.

To finish, mist your new style generously with hairspray for long-lasting hold – it's important your hair can party for as long as you can! The result should be a glamorous and very feminine look that wouldn't look out of place on some of Hollywood's finest.


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