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Vanessa Hudgens: red or blonde, which ombre hairstyle suits her best?

/ 10.07.2014
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Which ombre style suits Vanessa Hudgens better?

Vanessa Hudgens is always a great source of hairstyle inspiration, especially when it comes to choosing a new hair color. Having rocked a gorgeous, light-toned ombre bob all summer long, the actress was recently seen with a longer colored ombre style in a rich red shade.

The big question is, which look is better?

Decisions, decisions... or not

If you're really indecisive about choosing a new style, an ombre hair color is the perfect solution. You get to enjoy multiple hues without the nagging "I should get my roots done" feeling! That said, you still have to choose the kind of ombre color you want.

Really, it all depends on your personality and your lifestyle. If you work in a really formal environment with a strict dress code, you might want to skip the colored ombre. That said, if you can get away with it, you should definitely try it!

Either way, Ms. Hudgens proves that both looks are impossibly gorgeous with loose, tousled waves. The movement helps to showcase the depth of color without seeming over styled. Definitely something to bear in mind for any would-be ombre gals out there!

Care for your hair

As with all colored hair, keeping it hydrated and healthy is essential. Make sure you deep condition it regularly and go easy on the heat styling after getting your new hue. This will help you to avoid damage while maintaining that unicorn-fabulous new hairstyle look!

So, which of Vanessa's ombre hairstyles gets your vote?


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