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Two easy techniques for French braiding

/ 04.02.2014
Two easy techniques for French braiding
Two easy techniques for French braiding
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A classic, elegant look, the French braid is great for any occasion and goes with nearly every outfit in your wardrobe. But even with these advantages, people tend to avoid this style because they assume that it will be complicated, intricate and time-consuming to achieve (like the fishtail braid). But here's the good news: the French braid is actually pretty simple!

Here are two quick and easy tutorials to show you how to do two types of French braid:

Classic French braid

The classic French braid starts like a regular braid, centered at the front and traveling down to the nape of your neck. To get this look, it's important that you begin with tangle- and frizz-free hair, so use a serum before blow-drying to smooth out those ends.

Start by taking one section of hair from the very front of your head and split it into three parts and cross over right-to-left a few times like you would do for a regular braid. Then start to incorporate more hair into each section as you move back across the head. By the time you reach your neck, you should have used all the hair at the roots. Braid normally for the rest of the way down. C'est fini!

One-sided French braiding

Want to mix up your look a bit? An asymmetrical hairstyle can provide a fun and whimsical way to do just that! Begin by taking a section of hair at the front of your head and start just like you did with the previous look, except you braid towards the ear, not the nape of the neck. Either you can stop at the ear, or you could even keep going around around you head to form a braided crown!

See? Super simple!

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