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Tousled topknot tutorial: messy hair for every occasion

/ 09.03.2014
Messy topknot
Messy topknot

Choosing a hairstyle that can be worn anywhere seems like a challenge, mainly because it's hard to achieve a good balance between chic, practical and achievable all at the same time. And hey, we all know that this is especially true when you only have what feels like 30 seconds to get ready in the morning!

The good news is that we may have found the perfect solution in the shape of this artfully mussed topknot. Yes, it's artfully mussed therefor it's totally formal-friendly (especially with some deftly applied lipstick) and can be dressed down for a model-standard off-duty look. You can find out how to make it your own with the step-by-step tutorial below!

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Step one
Spray dry hair all over with salt spray and scrunch like nobody's business.

Step two
Gather all your hair back into a super high ponytail and tease a few pieces loose to frame your face. Secure with a hair tie then loosen the hair by tucking your fingertips underneath the top/sides and gently pulling upwards a tiny bit.

Step three
Spray the pony with more salt spray and dishevel it with your hands. Rough it up and tousle individual pieces to add texture.

Step four
Loosely twist the pony into a knot and secure with bobby pins. Make sure the knot feels well-anchored, just take care not to crush it as you want this style to retain a tousled, carefree vibe.

Step five
Spray your hair all over with a finishing spray for added hold and to keep frizz at bay.

That's it! How will you rock a messy topknot?


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