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Total texture: bringing your style to life with some tips and tricks

/ 04.03.2014
Total texture: bringing your style to life with some tips and tricks
Total texture: bringing your style to life with some tips and tricks
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One thing is for certain, if you happen to be a guy who enjoys simplicity in his grooming regimen, learning how to create texture in your hair may be the only trick you need to know.

Texturizing hair adds immediate flare and style to any look and is a perfect mix between looking slightly styled but at the same time effortless. It's like minimal effort for ultimate reward. With the right techniques and some effective products, you can create a textured appearance in minutes.

This look is easiest on hair that already possesses some natural wave, but generally all hair does to some degree (phew!). Always remember that retaining natural waves means air drying hair versus blow drying, or you'll be out of luck. This textured look can be tailored to both longer and shorter hair and will just vary in the amount of product used and time spent creating the texture.

1/ Step 1

Start with your hair unwashed or washed, damp or dry, and decide how you'd like your part to be. Once you have experimented you will find what starting point is most effective. Also take care to read the instructions on the particular product you're using with regard to what type of hair it should be applied on for optimal results.

Quick tip: starting with dry hair does allow you to use the styling wax in a more tactile way and to form the texture more carefully. When you leave it to air dry, it will turn out fine but be more unpredictable.

2/ Step 2

As mentioned, use your fingertips to work through your hair and to mold the texture. Twist hair around your fingers and hold momentarily to create some curls. You can even try a slight scrunching motion. Remember to use enough product to hold the look.

That's all that the textured look requires. Have fun with it and reap the benefits of this easy, charming style.

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