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Top Reasons Why You Should Get a Fringe Bob

/ 11.20.2015
Fringe Bob
Fringe Bob

The bob has been a hairstyle of choice for fashionable women, right from Coco Chanel to Taylor Swift. Pair it with bangs and you get a dramatic new hairstyle that will make you look chic and feel awesome! Here are the top reasons why you should get a fringe bob:

A Piecey Fringe Bob Hairstyle
A Piecey Fringe Bob Hairstyle

Suits Everyone

A fringe bob suits every woman, irrespective of her face shape. You can tweak the style of the bob as well as that of your bangs to contour your face beautifully, hit at the right angles and accentuate your most attractive facial features.

No matter what your age, you can never go wrong with a fringe bob hairstyle. If you have fine hair, get a layered bob that adds volume to your mane and wear it with blunt bangs to create a strong impact and draw attention to your face.

Similarly, if you have very thick hair and are unable to manage it, especially in this tricky fall a fringe bob will serve a dual purpose of style and comfort!

Fringe Bob with Micro Bangs
Fringe Bob with Micro Bangs

Is Versatile

A fringe bob combines two of the hottest on trend hairstyles of the season – the bob and bangs. You can play with both the elements to create interesting variations that suit your face shape, personality and mood!

To begin with, decide on the length of your bob. If you have a long face or an oval face, go for a chin-grazing or shorter bob; for round or square face shape choose a long bob (also called a lob). Next, depending on the natural texture of your hair, you can decide to either add or reduce volume from your hair by creating waves, curls or crimps or adding layers, respectively.

To take your bob hairstyle to the next level, pair it with bangs. For a long face shape, go for eyebrow-grazing, blunt bangs, while for a round face shape, opt for a side-swept fringe or asymmetrical bangs with longer sides.

With so many customized styling options available, isn't the fringe bob the most versatile hairstyle of all time!

Long bob with Airy Bangs
Long bob with Airy Bangs

Knocks Years Off Your Face

A fringe bob is one of the very few hairstyles that make you look younger. Yes, you read that right!

Youthful hairstyles have plenty of texture and movement going on in them. These factors create a sense of exuberance and lend enhance your appearance.

A fringe bob packs a punch in this category. This short hairstyle has a youthful vibe about it and if trimmed and styled with precision, it can make you look way younger than your actual age. Feathery trims, light layers and wispy bangs not only add texture and movement to your mane, but also lend it an energetic, vibrant appeal!

Short Bob with Wavy Bangs
Short Bob with Wavy Bangs

Can Be Worn Anywhere

One of the most important factors to bear in mind before getting a haircut is whether it can be worn to all kinds of occasions – formal and casual. Thankfully, a fringe bob checks out in this area too!

So where and when can you sport a fringe bob? Well, let's see – to your workplace, to a party, to a date, to a glam-event, on a night-out with friends, to a wedding, while window-shopping with your girlfriends, to the movies, to a weekend brunch, on a Sunday grocery run ... the question is, where or when can't you wear a fringe bob!

This versatile hairstyle is just as appropriate for formal engagements as for social occasions. Besides, you can wear it with all kinds of outfits – dressy or cool-casual!

Layered Long Bob with Side-Swept Bangs
Layered Long Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Is (and Will Be) on Trend

One of the most important motivations to go for a fringe bob is the fact that it has been on trend for a very long time now and is not going anywhere anytime soon. Unlike most seasonal trends that come and go, this short hairstyle is a safe bet to try out. It is neither too low-key nor too fashion-forward, and is therefore just right for everyone!

A fringe bob is also the perfect hairstyle to start with if you are planning to grow your hair. The shorter strands can grow out naturally into a longer bob style and then on to medium-length hair, without you having to make any dramatic alterations to your hairstyle.

A fringe bob is everything that a modern woman's hairstyle should be – on trend, easy to style and manage and effortlessly beautiful.

Layered Bob Growing Out into Medium-Length Hair
Layered Bob Growing Out into Medium-Length Hair

With so many good reasons to prove that a fringe bob is possibly the best hairstyle women can have ... ever ... there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't have a dry run with it too!

Whether you're planning to go for a haircut or switch your regular hairstyle and try something fun, chic and trendy, we strongly recommend a fringe bob. Try it out and we guarantee that you'll love it!


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