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Top Trending Fall-Winter Hairstyles for Men

/ 12.04.2015
Top Trending Fall-Winter Hairstyles for Men
Top Trending Fall-Winter Hairstyles for Men

The holiday season is just round the corner, which means it's time to groom up and get ready for the festivities. Take inspiration from the top trending fall-winter men's hairstyles that we've rounded up just for you!

Undercut Hairstyles
Undercut Hairstyles

1. Undercut Hairstyles

Enabling a smooth and stylish transition from mellow summer weather to the colder winter chill, undercut hairstyles look super cool and are perfect for those gents who like to keep things edgy and on point. While the longer top hair lends plenty of volume and texture to the mane, short-cropped sides and back make one look sharp and sophisticated. No wonder they can be spotted everywhere these days!

You decide the length of the top hair in your undercut hairstyle and style it in interesting ways, depending on whether you have straight or wavy hair. You can work in a tiny amount of styling gel through your mane to slick back every strand in place or work in a small quantity of deconstructing gum to styling individual hair pieces and create a windswept effect.

Ivy League Blowbacks
Ivy League Blowbacks

2. Ivy Look Blowback

The Ivy League blowback has taken the world of men's hairstyles by storm. You can see it all over social media as well as all around you! This classic hairstyle comprises a longer forelock, followed by medium-length top hair, which fades out into close-cropped sides. The graduated fade lends this hairstyle its special appeal. The forelock is usually slicked back with a tiny amount of deconstructing gum, pomade or putty. But, you can also wear it with a neat side part.

Like most other hairstyles, you can decide how long or short you want your hair to be. This hairstyle looks good on all men and is perfect for all occasions – formal and social. What do you think? Would you try this hairstyle this holiday season?

Slick Curls
Slick Curls

3. Slick Curls

Curly hair is always in and this fall-winter, the glossier your curls, the dapper you'll look!

Do you have naturally curly hair? Work in a tiny amount of styling gel through your mane to lend your gorgeous curls a slick, polished finish. Trace out a side part and set your hair in place to create a hot hairstyle that'll make you look cool this fall-winter!


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