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TIFF 2014: How to get Amanda Seyfried's braided ponytail

/ 09.10.2014
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  • Amanda Seyfried with a braided low ponytail
  • Amanda Seyfried at the Toronto International Film Festival

Amanda Seyfried can always be relied upon for some stellar hairstyle inspiration and at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, she knocked it out of the park with a braided ponytail. Well, it was knotted, braided and slightly curled... but you get the idea. The actress was spotted at the premiere of While We're Young, in which she stars opposite Naomi Watts and Ben Stiller.

Braids and knots and pretty waves are inherently romantic so, naturally, we fell head over heels for Amanda's hairstyle. If you think you might be under its spell, too, just follow the step-by-step tutorial below to find out how to make it your own!

Get the look

Step one
Apply a curl enhancing heat protectant then curl the lengths of your hair with a medium-barrel curling iron to add movement. Scrunch some salt spray through when you're done for a more texturized finish.

Step two
Once curled, comb your hair through then French braid the hair on either side of your head, starting at the front near your hairline and working back toward the nape of your neck. Once you get all the way to the back of your head - just below the middle - join the braids together and tie them to create a half-up style.

Step three
Divide the remaining loose hair into three sections, ensuring that the one in the middle is bigger than the other two.

Step four
Loop the middle piece back over the braids and pull it through so the ends spill out from underneath. Take the sections on either side and tie them in a knot around the middle one.

Step five
Unify the loose hair into a pony with a small hair elastic. Camouflage the tie by wrapping a small piece of hair around it and pinning underneath.

Step six
Complete the look with a liberal mist of strong-hold finishing spray.

All set!


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