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The tousled ponytail – effortless chic

/ 04.01.2014
The tousled ponytail – effortless chic
The tousled ponytail – effortless chic
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Doesn't every girl just want to wake up with seemingly natural hair that looks amazing? The "I woke up like this" hairstyle is one that few women manage to accomplish. It comes across as the perfect, effortless, everyday hairstyle – something this is totally "you". Messy enough to make it look like you hair naturally falls into such a pretty position, but styled enough to make sure it doesn't look like a bird's nest! The tousled ponytail is a great way to achieve this classic yet contemporary look.

If you're after a look that says romanticism and "effortless style", but one that doesn't require a lot of maintenance or styling time, then the tousled ponytail might be the one for you!

1/ Equip yourself with:

Curl Mousse

Wave Spray

A wide-toothed comb

Blowdryer with diffuser

Hair elastic

Bobbly pins

And here we go!

2/ Step one

Apply curl mousse throughout towel hair, scrunching the product into the ends with your hands. Check that it is distributed from root to tip with a wide-toothed comb.

3/ Step two

Attach the diffuser, turn on the blowdryer and continue scrunching your hair lightly as it dries.

4/ Step three

Once dry, apply some wave spray throughout. Run your hands through your hair, separating and twisting small sections to create a natural piecy look.

5/ Step four

Pull your hair back, but not too tight, and secure with a hair elastic. Using your fingers, find small sections of hair from by your forehead and pull them out of the ponytail, letting them drop around your face like you see in the picture. Do the same with a few pieces behind the ear.


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