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The ponytail with a twist - hair tutorial

/ 04.04.2014
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  • The ponytail with a twist - hair tutorial
  • The ponytail with a twist - hair tutorial
  • The ponytail with a twist - hair tutorial
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It's clear that both the French twist and the ponytail are back with a glamorous vengeance. The ponytail has taken on all sorts of style forms this runway season and the twist has certainly conjured up some of its own magic.

Needless to say, one way to revolutionize the traditional ponytail is to marry it with the French twist for added style. This particular hair trend is lovely for parties or upscale events. It's easier than it looks, too, which is always a desirable quality when attempting any hairstyle. You can play around with this look to create a retro (voluminous) or messy (textured and loose) version, as well, for more casual events.

Create it

1/ Step 1

Start with washed or unwashed hair. Distribute holding product throughout your hair so that the look sticks. Create a deep side part (the outer edge of one of your eyebrows). Smooth the hair across and start working with ½ inch pieces in the top-most sections where the part begins.

2/ Step 2

Start by holding the first piece, twisting it, then incorporating a second strand and twisting them together. From here on, keep adding a new piece and twisting, working your way down the side of your head.

3/ Step 3

When you reach the base of your head, secure the twist with an elastic. Leave the other side untwisted for an ultra-chic finish, and tie hair altogether into a low pony. Smooth fly-aways and bobby pin sections that may come loose.


Feel like getting a more retro look? Start by teasing your roots (flip your head over while you do this for the full effect), and try doing a full head French twist but instead of tucking the hair, leave a ponytail. For a more boho look, you might want to follow the initial process above but instead of a tight twist, use pins to secure the individual, twisted sections more loosely. Try curling the ponytail to finish, or pulling out some front bits.

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