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The long and the short of it: Doing right by your bangs

/ 04.02.2014
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The long and the short of it: Doing right by your bangs
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The short story

Short bangs are a less common style and are therefore more of a statement. They can be worn with short or long hair and work well with updos. Short bangs are edgier and a bit more of a commitment in that they can't be pinned up as easily as longer bangs.

Although short bangs are somewhat associated with a classic grunge look, they can also be very high fashion. If we really think back, short bangs can even look delicate and vintage if given the right cut. Choosing between blunt and jagged bangs can also affect the resulting style.

Try using product in your bangs to create movement and texture for more varied styles. If you're at all hesitant when choosing to go short with your bangs, it's a good idea to seek a stylist. Those bang lengths are hard to get just right.

The long story

Long bangs are a more familiar style. Whether blunt, jagged, side-swept or straight, long bangs are a great way to dramatically change your look. There's truly no shortage of ways to wear long bangs, but adding product always multiplies the options.

In this way, long bangs are definitely the more versatile of the two styles, but are they the most stylish? Long bangs also have the added benefit of lending themselves to pinning; you can always pin them back for some front-volume in an updo, or incorporate them into front waves.

What's your vote?

So, what's the verdict? Do you dare to walk on the wild side by going short with your bangs? Or would you seek the comfort of a more versatile style with some added length and movement? It's a tricky decision but one thing's for sure, both, short bangs and long bangs have earned a place in the hair hall of fame.

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