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The Cool Mohawk

A mohawk is a hairstyle that everyone should test drive at least once. Not only that, it looks great is and is surprisingly easy to style!

What you need to create this look
5 minutes
  • 24h Fibre Putty
Step by step
  • Start by warming some Fibre Putty in your hands
    1 /3
    Start by warming some Fibre Putty in your hands
  • Run it through all of your hair and shape with your hands
    2 /3
    Run it through all of your hair and shape with your hands
  • Twist the hair a little to finish
    3 /3
    Twist the hair a little to finish

The cool mohawk is a modern and wearable take on the classic mohawk hairstyle. If you're looking for a versatile 'do that you can wear just about anywhere, then this might just be it! If that sounds good, then check out the video tutorial above to get the look!

The coolest of mohawks

When we think of the mohawk, tall and sculpted spikes often spring to mind. Whilst we love dramatic looks like this, mohawks can also be surprisingly understated, too. The cool mohawk takes the idea of the hawk and reworks it to form a modern, wearable look. The tousled, casual texture makes this one an excellent style for chilling out on the weekend, whether you are hitting the gym or catching a movie! That said, it can also be used to take the edge off a particularly formal look.

You'll be happy to learn that the cool mohawk is as easy to style as it is to wear. With the right skills, the product below and some know-how, you should be able to achieve it in about five minutes. Not bad for a 'do that looks so good!

Get the look

You will need:

Studio Line out of Bed Fibre Putty 24H Fibre Putty

Step one

Start by warming a small amount of the Fibre Putty between your hands.

Step two

Use your hands to spread a small amount of the product evenly throughout your hair, shaping with your hands as you go. Pull the hair upwards into a rough mohawk peak.

Step three

Grab random, medium-sized sections of hair and twist them with your fingertips for a tousled, uneven finish. 

So there you have it, a subtle, wearable take on the mohawk style. Happy styling!

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