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The Bedhead Charm: men's hairstyle tutorial with Paul Smith S/S 2014

/ 04.03.2014
The Bedhead Charm: men's hairstyle tutorial with Paul Smith S/S 2014
The Bedhead Charm: men's hairstyle tutorial with Paul Smith S/S 2014

Taking a look at the Paul Smith S/S 2014 collection, it's hard not to revel in the array of cool, messy hairstyles out there dominating the runway. Paired with the best of the color-blocking sweaters and some really great jackets, these hairstyles ooze style. With so many hairstyles on the runway that don't readily lend themselves to off-runway life, the bedhead look is one that always translates perfectly.

Getting messy

Pulling off that disheveled, just-rolled-out-of-bed look is a skill that every man might want to hone if he values time-saving hair tricks that allow him to arrive saturated in style. It's probably one of the easiest, if not the easiest style for men out there when they're looking for an interesting, edgy entrance into the hairstyle arena. The bedhead look is charming and can be worn casually throughout any given work day or outing, or can be adapted for more upscale events (the variation lay in the messy factor, of course).

1/ Step 1

Begin with dry hair (washed or unwashed). Take some texturing balm or a specific disheveling product and warm between your fingers. Apply the product throughout your hair, being sure to distribute it evenly.

2/ Step 2

Work the product forwards and backwards through the top portions of your hair to create your charmingly chaotic texture. Twist and ruffle until you've reached your desired level of bedhead appeal.

3/ Step 3

Add some more product as needed (being careful not to weigh the hair down) and work to create volume on the top and sides by teasing some pieces apart. Also play around with the front of the look, deciding whether or not you'd like hair down in front or brushed to the sides. You're done! Enjoy that bedhead charm.


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