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Taming flyaways: tricks of the trade

/ 04.06.2014
Taming flyaways: tricks of the trade
Taming flyaways: tricks of the trade
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Flyaways are the foe of pretty much everyone who styles their hair. Little shocks of damaged or frizzy hair that point up straight from the root can transform a bold hairstyle into a bad one. While a little frizz and texture might be welcome if you're going for a big, high-volume, tousled look, but when a sleek and smooth effect is desired, flyaways become your biggest nightmare. If you want to be the master of your hair, there are a few handy tricks of the trade you need to know now!

The toolbox

One of the easiest ways to manage flyaways is by having the right tools in your kit and getting creative with them. Enter: hairspray! Nope, it's not just for fixing your hair in place. You can actually spray it on bobby pins to give an updo extra hold or spray it on your brush and then brush your hair to flatten any loose hair and keep it under control. Amazing, right?

If you're trying to smooth out an updo or section that has been backcombed, simply spray your hand instead and then smooth the palms over the sections you want to smooth out. Again, the hairspray will do all the work for you!

Serums and oils can also be used to great effect in keeping your hair in proper order. Try blow-drying with frizz minimizing cream for a smooth look and then finish off your hairstyle with smoothing serum.

The root of the problem

While there are plenty of products that can help you tame your flyaways, it's also important to understand where they come from. Flyaways are typically a result of dryness, so using the proper shampoo and conditioner for your hair type is a good first step in ensuring sufficient hydration. You can also throw in a moisture mask once a week for good measure!

Another key point in prevention is heat protection. Flat irons and blowdryers dry the hair out and cause frizz, so be sure to protect your hair before using them- your hair will thank you for it!

Happy styling!

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