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Summer hairstyles for short hair: Sienna Miller's half-up bob

/ 06.02.2015
Sienna Miller at the Cannes Film Festival Closing Ceremony
Sienna Miller at the Cannes Film Festival Closing Ceremony
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Short hair in summer is like ice cream at the beach, there is always something for everyone! Sienna Miller's bold style captures the fleeting days of summer perfectly. A pleasing contrast to her usually longer locks; the half-up bob fabulously combines a half-up hairstyles with a bob cut in a unique way. Shorter hair works well in the summer because it's low-maintenance and keeps the hair off of your neck (thus keeping you cooler). So, are you sold yet? Here's how to get the Sienna Miller half-up bob!

How to get the look in four steps

Step one

First, you will need a hair dryer, a can of mousse, one medium-sized round brush, a standard comb, and a good-quality holding spray. Wash your hair and then towel dry it.

Step two

Get a golf ball sized amount of mousse and using your fingers, work it through your hair. With the brush and hair dryer, dry your hair in small sectionsand create loose waves. Start by drying your hair straight back on top and away from your face. Now lean forward and put your brush at the roots of your hair, keep in place firmly and dry just above the brush to the ends of your hair.

Step three

Now use the comb at the mid-section of your hair and create a center part. On one side, create a part and then use the hair on top and begin twisting it toward the back. Secure it with a clear hair tie. Repeat on other side.

Step four

Use a good holding spray and spritz your updo to keep it in place.

Yes, it's that quick and easy! Keep your hair on-trend this season with Sienna's summer twists!

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