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Summer hairstyles for men: natural waves

/ 06.23.2015
Natural waves
Natural waves
a rough but workable cream wax. Usef for creating deconstructed hair styles. A rough and rugged texture. Doesn't set hard so you can reshape the...
Deconstructing Cream Wax
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Summer hairstyles for men are all about natural, effortlessly groomed looks, and textured waves are a prime example. With the right cut, they're easy to style and as long as they look controlled, you can wear textured waves anywhere.

What you need

To make this hairstyle work, you need some length on top, but the sides can be kept a little shorter. If you prefer to keep your hair a little longer all over, that's fine, too, as long as the hair is well shaped - no random tufts, especially if you're planning to wear this hairstyle to work!

Get the look

Step one
Starting with towel dried hair, warm a small amount of wax in your hands then scrunch it through your hair, working from front to back.

Step two
Add more wax as needed. You only need the bare minimum in order to keep this hairstyle as natural-looking as possible. Plus, overloading your strands would mean washing them and starting over.

Step three
To add texture, twist and tousle individual pieces of hair, then break them up with your fingers. If you want to give your hair some more volume, gently massage the roots after applying the wax.

Step four
When you're happy with the texture, rake your hair into place with your hands, then smooth down the sides. You want to sweep it over to one side, but you don't have to create a defined side part if you don't want to.

That's it!

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