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Summer haircare for colored hair

/ 05.22.2015
Take care of your colored hair this summer!
Take care of your colored hair this summer!

Summer vacations are so great for so many reasons: relaxing, partying, exploring and generally making some amazing memories. For colored hair, however, it's a different story... unless you know how to take care of dyed strands while on vacation!

1/ Get a hat you love

To stop colored and highlighted hair from becoming lighter or brassier than you'd like in the sun, cover it up with a hat, a headscarf and UV protectants. Just think of your hair the same way you think about your skin when you're out in the sun - it can and will get damaged if you aren't super careful!

2/ Use a LOT of conditioner

Although shampooing your hair everyday can cause extra dryness, make sure you're conditioning it regularly. After a day spent poolside or at the beach, rinse your hair with water and apply regular conditioner to the lengths, then wash it out as usual. You should also use leave-in conditioner on the ends, and do a pampering hair mask when you have some down time.

3/ Prepare for the pool

Before diving into the pool, make sure your hair is completely wet. Rinsing your locks until they're totally saturated will prevent them absorbing lots of chlorinated water which can cause colored hair to appear dull and lifeless, and even alter the color itself. Unfortunately, all those horror stories about green hair aren't just a myth.

4/ Protect your hair from seawater

If you're planning to take a dip in the ocean, you need to create a barrier between the hair shaft and the seawater because sea salt can make colored hair look washed out or faded. Saturate your mane beforehand as you would for the pool, then slather it in conditioner or hair oil to add another layer of protection.

5/ Use thermal protectants

Heat-free hairstyles are always preferable on vacation, but when you absolutely must use heat on your hair, make sure you apply a heat protectant spray first. Colored hair is especially susceptible to heat damage at the best of times, so be gentle with it and only use the minimum temperature required to create your desired hairstyle.

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