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Styling your hair for a job interview

/ 04.02.2014
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  • Styling your hair for a job interview
  • A sleek bun is perfect for a job interview
  • If you have short hair, avoid any edgy styling for a job interview; go for something chic yet understated like this piecey pixie instead
  • Sleek waves are perfect for a polished, professional look
  • Smooth, straight hair gives a serious impression for a job interview
  • A chic, straight pony is a great go-to for a job interview
  • A sleek bun or more intricate updo can work for a job interview, just soften the look with natural makeup
  • Straight hair is the perfect loose 'do for a job interview

So you've got a job interview coming up. It's normal to start worry about everything and anything: from the right outfit to your hairstyle. Everyone knows how important first impressions are, and if the person interviewing you feels that something isn't right, you've lost your chance for good. However, while you might hear horror stories about how your potential future boss hates curls, but loves a sleek updo, you need to wake yourself out of that nightmare, and remind yourself that it's actually really hard to get job interview hair wrong. There are lots of ways to keep your hair looking professional and perfectly under control, giving you the space and time to concentrate on putting your most employable foot forward and selling yourself!

Just be YOU

If you're going to be talking about yourself you need to feel confident and comfortable, and this also applies to the way you look, from lipstick to hair elastic. Don't try an uncomfortable or unfamiliar new updo just because you saw someone else loook good in it. The best thing to do is to try a more formal version of your own go-to hairstyle. So, for example if you normally go for a tousled ponytail, how about taking it up just a notch and going for a slightly messy bun (not a birds'-nest though)? Or a sleek ponytail instead? Serum is a good idea for a glossy, smooth look.

Use your head

This might sound pretty obvious, but it needs stating nonetheless. During most interviews, we highly recommend you stay away from mohawks, bright colors, grungy hair, or anything that could be perceived to be "rebellious", unless you're applying for a rock band...or tattoo artist. Even coming in with unbrushed hair could imply that you don't take the time to look after your appearance. A job interview is not the place to be unconventional, so stick to polished ponytails, smooth bobs or glossy waves, for example. This doesn't mean you have to hide who you are – this should come across through your personality, not your hairstyle. And you should definitely get a second opinion before heading out!

Good luck!


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