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Street style pomps + quiffs for men

/ 09.17.2014
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  • Street style pomps + quiffs for men
  • Street style pomps + quiffs for men
  • Street style pomps + quiffs for men
  • Street style pomps + quiffs for men

From Elvis Presley, to Flock of Seagulls, to Bruno Mars, voluminous quiffs and pomps have proved to be a hairstyle that even time itself can't outdate. Today, you can find all kinds of different versions of the pomp, from a groomed side part to modern rockabilly styles.

More popular with street style lovers than ever, it looks like the pomp is having something of a renaissance right now. It also happens to be an androgynous style that works for both men and women, which is unsurprising when you consider it was a woman who started the ball rolling in the first place: Madame du Pompadour, royal mistress turned Alexa Chung of her day... back in the mid-1700s.

Get inspired

Today we have a gallery of inspirational pompadours above, just in case you were thinking of trying this look yourself or just wanted to find out how versatile it can really be.

Whatever you hair type or length, there's a look that can work for you. That said, side and back sections that are shorter than the top section are essential. At the very least, you need enough length on top to whip up all that volume with.

Make the most of your texture

Curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair or any other hair works with a pomp. Perhaps that's why it has remained so popular over the years; anyone can do it! With different textures piled on top, every pomp is a little different to the next.

So, don't shy away from the natural state of your hair, simply incorporate it into your style for a truly original take on one of the world's most re-worked looks.

Which pomp will you go for?


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