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Street style inspiration for men: what style for a beard?

/ 07.22.2014
Groomed side part
Groomed side part
Reworkable clay for creating tamed and refined hair styles. Remouldable and smooth look.
Grooming Clay
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When you have a beard, you need the right hairstyle to go with it. The thing is, it can be something of a task to choose the best one for you. This is where street style comes in especially useful - it gives you good idea of how other people are styling their hair (and facial hair!) which can then help inspire you to create an original look of your own.

Take this two-tone groomed side part, for example: it's a style that is polished, without being overly formal or severe. It's the kind of look that is casual yet controlled and so can be worn absolutely anywhere and the extra height helps to create an interesting silhouette which in turn helps to emphasize the two different colors. In short, everything about it works in harmony with everything else.

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The other really great thing about a hairstyle like this is that it's really easy to recreate. All you need is some L'Oréal Paris #TXT Grooming Clay, a comb, and five minutes to spare.

Step one: Use a comb to part your hair on one side, whichever looks and feels best. Then, warm a small amount of Grooming Clay in your hands. To do this, simply place a little on the tips of your fingers and rub your hands together.

Step two: Work the clay through your hair evenly. Then, add a little more to the area on top your head.

Top tip - Use the putty sparingly. If you need more product, add it little by little, taking care not to overload your hair. You can always add more but taking it out can be tricky!

Step three: Massage the roots on top with your fingers to lift the hair then shape with your hands to smooth it all over.

Step four: To get a really neat finish, gently comb over the top of your hair in the direction of the side part and use your hands to flatten the sides and back.

And you're done! How you style your beard is all down to you...

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