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Street style hair: short curls

/ 05.27.2014
Curly pomp
Curly pomp

Short curly hairstyles that really make an impact can seem hard to pull off but this girl got it just right. She also shows us that a good hat is really all you need...

The voluminous curls created a pomp effect that was a bit like a stylish alternative to bangs, only with more texture, movement and body. This is definitely a look that anyone with short hair or a hawk cut should consider trying. It makes a really bold statement but is also really pretty, especially when worn with a bold red lip!

Recreating this look is actually quite simple so we have a little how-to for anyone who would like to give it a go.

What you need:

Curl mousse
Curling iron (depending on hair type)
Finishing spray

If you already have a cut with cropped sides, skip steps two & three.

Step one: Start by applying a curl mousse throughout hair then blow-dry with a diffuser attachment. The mousse will help to define natural curls, giving the hair plenty of body.

Step two: Separate a large triangular section at the front of your hair and clip it up out of the way while you work on the back and sides.

Step three: If you have mid-length or long hair that is lengthy on the back and sides, you'll need to pin it into an updo. A French twist works really well for this as it keeps all the attention on the front section of your hair while creating a nice silhouette.

Brush your hair all the way over to one side, spray with hairspray and secure with bobby pins. Then, roll the hair back on itself, brushing it smooth as you go. Once the hair is rolled into what should look a bit like a banana down the back of your head, secure with more bobby pins and mist with more hairspray.

Step four: Now for the fun part: unclip the front section and use a medium curling iron to get the volume-filled waves that make this hairstyle so interesting. When you've curled the entire front part of your hair, use your fingers to separate, twist and position the curls how you want and fix in place with plenty of hairspray.

To create a messier, beachy look, use a wave enhancing spray on the front part of the hair, twist and blow-dry section by section then comb through with your fingers. Add more spray and scrunch for even more texture.

Step four: Choose your hat carefully...


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