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Step by Step Tutorial: How to Create a Waterfall Braid

/ 10.22.2015
How to Create Waterfall a Braid
How to Create Waterfall a Braid

From Fashion Week runways to Pinterest inspiration boards, the waterfall braid has gained a lot of attention lately. This braided hairstyle looks very regal and is easier to create than it looks. In fact, if you know how to French braid, half the battle's already won!

Do you want to try it out? Here's a step by step tutorial on how to create a waterfall braid:

You'll Need:

- A strand smoother serum spray

- A fine toothed comb

- Hair elastic

Prep Your Hair

To make a perfect waterfall braid hairstyle, your strands must be super smooth. The first step is to detangle your hair. Spritz some strand smoother serum spray along the lengths of your strands to make them smooth, soft and shiny. Comb your hair to spread the product evenly.

Get the Look

Step One

Part your hair. Take a small section of your hairline and divide it into three equal sections.

The Section closest to your hair part is 1; the section in the middle is 2 and the section closest to your hairline is 3.

Step Two

Pull Section 1 over Section 2 and then pull Section 3 over Section 2 to make a single plait.

Step Three

Release Section 3 and pick up another section of equal thickness from right beneath it; Fold this new section over Section 2.

Step Four

Add another hair section of equal thickness to Section 1 and fold it over Section 2 to continue the braid.

Note: Remember, you should always release one section from 3 and use a new section instead, but add a new section to 1 to continue braiding.

Step Five

Repeat Step One to Step Four on both sides of your hair part. As you plait your hair, your waterfall braid will more prominent.

Step Six

When you reach the back of your head (from both sides), simply merge the ends of both the French braids and tie them up with a hair elastic. You can also pin up the ends of the waterfall braid using bobby pins.

Try this hairstyle on yourself a few times; you'll see that it really is a piece of cake!

Wear your beautiful braided hairstyle to work, to college, a party or even on a date!




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