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Sleekest of them all: the side ponytail

/ 04.04.2014
Sleekest of them all: the side ponytail
Sleekest of them all: the side ponytail
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We don't necessarily equate the classic ponytail with our collective visions of "sleekdom", but maybe that's just our bad for not exploring the ponytail possibilities. Let's take a look at the side version of this style and re-think things. A smooth, streamlined side ponytail can really revolutionize any outfit. This style is great because it can be carried out as an everyday style, a simple but elegant hairdo, or a cute, signature style.

Let's create it

1/ Inspiration:

Think smooth, shiny, sleek. Keep the "S's" in mind, and hopefully you'll hit the mark with this style.

2/ Prep it:

Begin with straight hair. For those of you with wavy or curly tresses, wash, blow-dry, and straighten. For straight hair, why not straighten those lengths anyways? Frizz control or shine serum is always a good bet.

3/ Do it:

It wouldn't be a true side pony without a full-on side part. Begin with your (combed, smoothed) hair down. Pick a point where you'll like to start your side part (try directly above the arch of one of your eyebrows).

Take a fine toothed comb and divide your hair. The deeper the part, the better; this creates a more dramatic, stylized look. Smooth the top of your hair and pull hair around to the side of your head opposite the part. Tie a black, or otherwise discrete, hair elastic around the base (small, clear ouch-less elastics are great).

Smooth the lengths of the ponytail and perhaps wear over your shoulder. Use bobby pins at the base of your ponytail or behind your ears to secure shorter pieces of hair. Add a tiny braid or two for some texture.

4/ Finish it:

Smooth fly-aways and make sure all hair is secure. To be contradictory for a moment, you can always go back and curl the tips of the pony if the length allows. Curling after the fact is easier than starting with unruly waves. Or, just leave your hair straight for that ultra-sleek look.

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