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Sleek waves vs big curls: pick your fave hairstyle!

/ 08.18.2014
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Do you prefer sleek waves or big curls?

When you're looking for a curly or wavy hairstyle to try, it can be a little difficult to choose just one, what with all the different styles out there. To help you narrow things down a little bit, we've decided to showcase two great options: sleek waves and big, voluminous curls.

Both looks are undeniably gorgeous and each one is super easy to dress up for a formal occasion... or for any time at all when you just want to feel fancy. (And hey, we could all use a little extra fanciness now and then!)

The big question is, which style do you guys prefer? Let us know by voting above!


With both of these styles, movement is key. Each 'do is textured, and a glamorous side part works brilliantly with either. As such, the two styles create a soft frame for the face that can be used to minimize the features you don't want to show off and seriously flatter the ones you do! They're also equally good at keeping your beauty look well and truly in the limelight by throwing plenty of emphasis on your eyes, cheekbones and lips.

The really great thing about these two styles is that they're both easy to recreate, whether or not you have a head full of natural curls.

If you do, apply a curl mousse or cream then dry using a diffuser. For the big curls, part and pin as desired once dries. For the sleek look, straighten your hair then use a medium curling iron to make some looser waves. Brush the waves through and finish with a strong-hold, high-shine finishing spray.

For straight hair, you'll need to use a curling iron for both and plenty of strong-hold finishing spray.

Have it all

It can actually be a lot of fun to alternate between the two, the main reason being that working with different textures is a whole lot more interesting that always rocking the same look. That means we'll just leave it up to you to choose a favorite!


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