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Should you get blunt bangs?

/ 04.25.2014
Are blunt bangs right for you?
Are blunt bangs right for you?
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If you're in the market for a set of bangs, maybe a blunt cut is the perfect choice... but maybe it isn't. Blunt bangs are guaranteed to make a style statement but that doesn't necessarily mean they're right for everyone. Before you get a set of your own, there are a few things you need to think about.

Whether long or short, any bangs will transform your whole look, altering the way your face appears. Because of this, you fringe should be cut in such a way that flatters your face shape, not to flawlessly imitate a photo of a model you saw on the internet or in a magazine.

Collaborate with your stylist

As with any haircut, a blunt fringe should be trimmed to fit. If you have a long or oblong face shape, longer bangs that taper out at the sides will look better than a shorter cut. Round and oval face shapes can get away with micro-bangs or a fringe that falls to just above the eyebrows.

Unfortunately, square face shapes might want to consider a softer, less geometric set of bangs as a blunt cut will only serve to make angular jawlines and wide foreheads look bigger and squarer than they are.


Of course, naturally straight hair makes styling bangs really easy. That said, a wavy-haired girl wouldn't have to put in too much effort to achieve a similar look. You should ask your stylist to cut them pretty thin. Bangs that are too thick can overwhelm your face and be more troublesome when it comes to styling them.

FYI, blunt bangs – especially micro or long cuts – require regular (monthly) trims to keep them looking and behaving just right.


Whatever your hair type, chances are you'll have to do some kind of styling if/when you get bangs. Blow-drying with a fixing mousse is a great way to start as it will promote a smooth, manageable texture from the very beginning. Hold your bangs by the ends and pull them straight as you dry them. On the rest of your hair, make sure you point the nozzle of the dryer downwards the whole time to promote a straight finish. You may also need to flat iron your bangs afterward or on days where you don't wash your hair.

Could blunt bangs be right for you?

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