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Short on time? 5 ways to wash your hair less

/ 04.28.2016
Short on time? 5 ways to wash your hair less.
Short on time? 5 ways to wash your hair less.

For most of us, lathering up every single day sounds like more of a dreaded chore than another aspect of our daily beauty routine. I mean, we all want that a la mode I-woke-up-like-this appeal (not to mention a little extra sleep in the morning), but when our hair becomes accustomed to daily washes, that tousled lived-in look isn't always achievable. The culprit? Natural oils that build up in our locks when we skip a day of shampooing.

While we can't completely rid of natural oils (that would be a bad thing!), we can train our hair to become more accustomed to infrequent washes. We've put together 5 ways to get away with washing your hair less.


If you want to cut down on oily roots, use a strong clarifying shampoo that will get rid of almost all buildup in one wash. This way, you'll only have to shampoo once a week or every other week, depending on your hair type. Be sure not to overdo it, because over-cleansing your hair causes your scalp to over-produce oil to compensate for the stripping effect of shampoo.


Even though your freshly washed hair may seem like it's in need of a soothing conditioning treatment, too much conditioner will only create more buildup on the hair, meaning you'll be caught in an endless cycle of frequently washing your hair.

And there's more: never let conditioner touch your scalp. This can cause little breakouts and irritation, which inflames the hair follicle and causes more oil to be created. So, there you have it. Stick to the bottom of your hair!


If you feel the need to wash your hair over and over again just to reap the benefits of a moisturizing conditioner, try switching up your routine and opt for a cleansing conditioner that will hang onto every bit of natural oil. Cleansing conditioners pack an extra punch of hydration into hair, leaving some of those precious natural oils intact for extra hold and definition. This way, you can avoid washing your hair for days while gaining the benefits that come with regular conditioning.


Dry shampoo is an obvious choice to avoid frequently washing your hair – if done correctly. Apply dry shampoo to clean hair in order to soak up the oil as it comes out, not when it's already out.


To prevent daily shampooing, use a gentle brush to distribute the oil on your scalp to the rest of your locks, keeping your hair healthy and well moisturized. Start at the root of your hair, and use fluid strokes to help the oil travel down the length of your hair to your ends. This way, the oil will wash away more thoroughly from the roots when you shower, and prevent the buildup that can cause you to need to wash more frequently. The best part? This technique will naturally condition the ends of your hair, allowing you to forget about shampoo and conditioner all together!


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