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Rolled headband hairstyle tutorial

/ 04.06.2014
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  • Rolled headband hairstyle tutorial
  • Rolled headband hairstyle tutorial
Extra strong hold. Similar to one above but stronger hold.
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Headbands are such great hair accessories but they don't just have to be a finishing touch, they can also create a hrarstyle for you! Take, for example, this headband updo. This style is so versatile that it goes with any outfit and any makeup. Whether you're catching a movie with you friends or dressing up for a nice dinner, this style won't let you down.

This style is super practical, and keeps your hair away from your face and under control whilst simultaneously creating a pretty, soft finish that will look great with any texture. It's a great style to go for if you are in between washes, as the style will hold better than it will on freshly washed hair.

If you're still not convinced by this style, then we're almost certain that you will be when you realise how easy it is to achieve, you'll wonder why you having been working it for years already!

1/ You will need;

A headband

Bobby pins

Strong hold hairspray

2/ Step one

Take your chosen headband and pull it down over the crown of your head. Secure it in place with a couple of bobby pins to stop it sliding back up.

3/ Step two

Starting on one side of your head, Section off some hair at the front and wrap it around the headband, pulling out the ends. Take the ends and incorporate them into the next section before wrapping it around the headband, too.

4/ Step three

Repeat step two on the other side of your head until you get to the back on that side, too.

5/ Step four

You should now be left with only a few strands Wrap the last sections of hair. Wrap these around the headband, just above the nape of your neck. Grab some bobby pins and use them to fix any flyaways in place.

6/ Step five

Spray a generous amount of hairspray over the style to give it some staying power and lasting shine.

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