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Platinum hairstyles: should you try the trend?

/ 04.06.2015
L'Oréal Paris spokesperson Soo Joo Park with plainum blonde hair
L'Oréal Paris spokesperson Soo Joo Park with plainum blonde hair

Platinum hair is one of the biggest beauty trends of the moment, but is it right for you? Going platinum isn't a hairstyle decision you should make lightly, not least because there's no going back from the bleach!

Before you get an icy new look, you need to know what's involved with the dyeing process, and how to care for and maintain your new look afterwards.

1/ The bleach will burn

Although it's by no means the most important thing on this list, you should definitely be aware of how bleach can burn your scalp and feel really, really uncomfortable while you're getting your hair dyed. Many colorists recommend their clients don't wash their hair for at least two days before their appointment so the natural oils will have built up enough to help protect the scalp from irritation.

2/ You'll probably need a haircut

As you can probably tell from the burn notice above, bleach isn't the gentlest product in the world and as well as pummeling your scalp, it will also dry your hair out no matter how well you prep it. As a result, It's very likely that you'll need to lose a few inches of dry and broken ends post-dye.

3/ Regular touch-ups can't be skipped

To maintain a platinum look, you'll need to get your roots touched up every 4-6 weeks to prevent banding - i.e. weird blonde stripes.

4/ Conditioner is your new BFF

After your platinum transformation is complete, you'll need to keep your hair as hydrated as possible with conditioner, deep conditioning treatments, masks, oils, serums - the works. All of those things are good for your hair whether you bleach it or not, but they become compulsory when you go platinum!

5/ Thermal protectants are compulsory

Your strands are way more vulnerable to heat damage after being dried out by bleach, so they need some extra TLC when styling. To give them time to heal, lay off the heat styling as much as you can and never, ever forget to protect your hair with a thermal protectant when your absolutely have to use a blowdryer or a flat iron.

6/ Own it

Last but not least, learn how to rock your new mane with gorgeous new hairstyles, sultry flips and a commercial-worthy strut. After all the effort it takes to get to your platinum happy place, you've earned the right to behave like a movie star posing for a Vogue shoot!


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