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Pick your fave: the classic or the fishtail braid?

/ 04.07.2014
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  • Regular braid
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Pick your fave: the classic or the fishtail braid?

Oh, the world of braids. What are more fun to create, and to look at, than perfect (or perfectly creative) braids? That's the thing about braids; whether they're done immaculately or sloppily, they can always look great. With a range of choices, it may be hard to select the braided look you're going for. But, let's try and decide.

The fishtail...

The fishtail is great for bohemian looks because you can tweak it and get it to look frizzy and funky. It looks great when embellished with tinier braids and cute accessories such as tiny flowers, feathers, or pieces of lace or ribbon. The fishtail is versatile, and lends itself to funky, creative looks. Of course it can also be worn elegantly, too, but there is so much potential for creativity!

...vs. the regular

The regular braid is wonderful and kind of... regal, even? The regular braid is a classic look and seems to contain within it the story of its place in the history of beauty and femininity.

A well-done traditional braid brings us together in a collective memory of trying to do our own hair when we were young, or having our hair done by our mothers or grandmothers. It may even remind us of an urgent dad-kid school preparation moment.

Regardless, mastering the ancient art of the braid is like a rite of passage. Any way you look at it, the regular braid stands alone in its woven pride.

Your vote: Which braid is best?

Both braids are robust examples of ever-lovely hairstyles that can be worn with any outfit on any occasion, and which can be stand-alone, perfected styles, or the stuff of individual creativity.

So, what do you think? Are you a fan of the fishtail, or the regular braid?

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