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Messy ponytail tutorial: disheveled chic

/ 09.16.2014
Messy ponytail
Messy ponytail

We've all been there. Suddenly an item or object we've long loved and enjoyed seems a little too basic and we start looking for a way to give it some zest. If you're looking to give your regular ponytail an update, look no further than the messy ponytail. Yes, it's still a ponytail, but sometimes a subtle statement is the best kind.

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Before you start this tutorial, make sure you're equipped with salt spray, a comb or brush, a hair tie, and bobby pins. You should also begin with dry hair.

Step one
Generously apply salt spray all over your hair. Shake your fingers through it, then twist and scrunch random sections to create a naturally messy look. Tousle and blow-dry random sections, too.

Step two
Section off the front portion of your hair and then, using a comb or brush, tease your hair at the top and back.

Step three
Smooth the rest of your hair over the teased sections very lightly with a brush and gather your hair at the back of your head. Secure with a hair tie.

Step four
If you have layered or mid-length hair, you may need a few bobby pins to secure any shorter sections and keep them in place. That said, since this is a messy ponytail, so feel free to leave these pieces astray.

Step five
Apply a generous amount of hairspray to fix the style and adjust with your fingers as needed and you're done!


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