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Messy bun awe: New York Fashion week how-to

/ 04.05.2014
Messy bun awe: New York Fashion week how-to
Messy bun awe: New York Fashion week how-to

With New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 in the works we've got an eyeful of great hairstyles to practice and make our own. Perhaps the best (and most functional) is the chic messy bun! What a perfect crossbreed between stylish and simple.

It's also a truly versatile hairstyle in that it can stretch to fit any outfit. This style's great because you can follow the basic messy bun steps but then individualize it and really experiment. One might say that every bun is a new bun, so you can rediscover this favorite messy bun hairstyle again and again if you want.

Let's create it

1/ Step 1

Start with washed or unwashed hair (unwashed may be easier). Spray in some texturizing product to give your hair some grit and so the look is extra messy.

For this particular messy bun, begin with a middle part and smooth the hair down at your roots alongside the part (the texturizing spray should keep it looking a bit bumpy still). Leave some front pieces down to hang by your face before pulling the rest up.

2/ Step 2

Pull the rest up into a ponytail high in the back and secure with an elastic. Wrap your hair around the base of the elastic loosely and either use a second elastic on top to secure the bun or use a series of pins.

3/ Step 3

Play with the bun so it looks just right and don't be afraid to pull loops of hair out of the elastic. You can even pull some hair out at the base of your neck.

Et voilĂ : the chic but messy bun look is complete. Feel free to wear with... well, whichever style you'd like!


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