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Men's undercut hairstyles: messy or slick?

/ 12.26.2014
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Which undercut gets your vote?

As far as men's hairstyle trends go, the undercut is set to be one of the most tenacious yet. For those of you who can't decide whether or not to try it, we have a two different takes on the look that might convince you to get one: messy and slick.

The question is, which one would you wear?


An undercut hairstyle allows plenty of room for creating voluminous, disheveled textures, thanks to all the length on top. The contrasting buzz cut sides ensure the look retains a certain amount of sharpness which keeps the style balanced. If you prefer laid back hairstyles, this messy incarnation could be the perfect way for you to wear an undercut.

Styling tip - Scrunch in some low-shine wax or pomade to keep the chaos under control. It'll give you long-lasting hold, and won't dry hard so you can reshape your style as desired.


If you prefer more polished, pulled-together hairstyles, a slicked back undercut could be a better option. The short sides ensure the look remains edgy enough to stand out from the crowd, and they contrast especially well with some extra volume in front.

Styling tip - Work some pomade evenly through the hair on top, then use a comb to get a smooth finish. To create volume, massage the roots with your fingertips before combing your hair back.

What do you think? Which undercut gets your vote?


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