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Men's Hair Inspiration: 8 messy hairstyles for men

/ 09.29.2016
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  • the best messy hairstyles for men
  • the best messy hairstyles for men
  • the best messy hairstyles for men
  • the best messy hairstyles for men
  • the best messy hairstyles for men
  • the best messy hairstyles for men
  • the best messy hairstyles for men
  • the best messy hairstyles for men

For Fall 2016, it's all about the tousled, textured hair; as seen on multiple celebs and runways. And while it may be easier for women to achieve that messy look with the help of a curling iron and some texture spray, that doesn't mean that men can't adopt the textured look this season, too! You may prefer a clean, straight-edged look, but it's true that no woman can resist an undone, messy style when it comes to men's hair – so why not give it a try?

The messy hairstyle works great on wavy hair with a little bit of length on top – but remember, messy doesn't always mean bedhead! There are multiple ways you can style your hair to give it that sexy, undone look (not to mention, it takes a handful of styling products!). Don't have long, wavy hair? Fear not! You can create the textured, effortless look with shorter hair as well. Ready to give this season's bedhead trend a go? Read on for 8 messy men's hairstyles to get inspired by!


Tousled top and short sides

Is your hair shorter on the sides and longer at the top? If so, this is the style for you! Create longer, natural waves at the top of your head with the help of gel or mousse, then let them fall gently above your brow bones on your forehead. Use your fingers to tousle the sides of your hair outwards for a look that flows.

Refined faux hawk

Looking for the perfect mixture between wild and refined? Try out the refined faux hawk – a look that allows your hair to reach for the sky, but is shorter on the sides and relatively long at the top of the head. To keep it office-appropriate, make sure the hair on the sides and top of your head isn't too dramatic in length difference.

Side-swept shag

The side-swept shag is for meant for men with longer hair, so that it can be effortlessly tossed over to one side with the help of gel or mousse. This look will draw attention to the face, while accentuating the jaw line.

Short, layered waves

Who said men with short hair couldn't achieve the textured, shaggy look? This style consists of stiff waviness and choppy layers throughout the top of the hair. And for those who like to keep it simple, it gives you an edginess without being too much. To achieve this look, apply a small amount of gel or mousse onto your finger tips, then wrap small pieces of hair at the top of your head around your finger, alternating ways to achieve that wavy, undone appeal.

Spiked '90s high-top

We're all about '90s throwback trends this season, especially when it comes to hair! The spiked high-top look has long pieces of hair falling and sticking up in every direction with the help of gel. Think Robert Pattinson if you need a little inspiration!

Effortless man-bun

The effortless man-bun is for men with at least shoulder-length hair. This style is the perfect way to appear undone and ragged, while keeping hair out of the way at the same time. To get this look, start by scrunching damp hair with your fingers and a hint of gel. This will give you a textured look before placing your hair back into a bun. Next, use your fingers to brush your hair to the back of your head and off of your face, starting at the roots, then hold the hair as if you are about to secure it into a ponytail. Then, fold the hair downwards to create a small loop, and secure with an elastic.


If you're the type to embrace your long hair and let it sit loose against your shoulders, simply use your fingers with some styling gel and scrunch the hair to create texture.

Long shag with bangs

The long shag with bangs look is for men with just that – longer hair and bangs. Celebs like Ian Somerhalder and Ashton Kutcher have been known to rock this look. Just wear your hair as it is and use your fingers and a little styling gel to tousle it up, allowing your bangs to sit undone on the forehead.


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