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Long hairstyles: messy off-duty braid

/ 02.20.2015
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  • Low, messy braid hairstyle
  • Low, messy braid hairstyle

There's no better time than the weekend to go for a chic, off-duty hairstyle AKA something messy. This loose braid hairstyle for long and medium-length hair is one such option. It's really easy to style and looks great with all kinds of accessories from stretchy headbands to barrettes. It's also a great plait for anyone whose braiding skills are a little rusty.

To find out how to achieve this loose braid on your own mane, just follow the tutorial below.

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Step one
Starting with clean, damp hair, apply a wave enhancing spray and rough-dry with your blow-dryer.

Step two
When your hair is dry, scrunch some salt spray throughout to add texture.

Step three
Spray the roots with a volume boosting hairspray, then muss and scrunch your hair with your hands. To increase volume, massage the roots with your fingertips wherever necessary.

Step four
Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and loosely braid the hair all the way down to the ends. Start a couple of inches above the nape and use a French braid method until you reach the bottom of your head, then continue with a regular three-strand technique.

Step five
To loosen the braid, gently pull it outwards after you secure the ends and pull a few pieces out at the front to frame your face and soften the overall look.

Step six
To finish, mist your completed style with plenty of hairspray.

That's it!


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