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Long hair tutorial: fishtail braid ponytail

/ 05.30.2014
Fishtail pony
Fishtail pony

After seeing Blake Lively at the Cannes Film Festival, we've come to the realization that ponytails and braids can be the best of friends when styled right. Take this fishtail pony hybrid, for example. Before we get too caught up in trying to decide whether or not we should term this style 'the seahorse' (which we probably should) we would like to point out that it's the perfect way to add a fresh new dimension to a classic pony.

This style is made a lot easier than a regular fishtail, thanks to the actual fishtail section being pretty small, and the fact it sits below a hair tie. When the hair is already tied, fishtail braiding is a way less fiddly!

If you want to try this look, just follow the tutorial below...

What you need:
Fixing Mousse
Hair ties
Bobby pins
Finishing spray

Step one: To get the smooth, straight texture the model in the photo has, apply fixing mousse to damp hair then blow-dry using a paddle brush to guide the hair straight. Don't worry if it isn't totally perfect, a little extra movement won't hurt.

Step two: Brush all of your hair back and gather into a low pony at the nape of your neck. Secure with a small hair tie then use a section of hair to camouflage it. Pin underneath to hold it in place.

Step three: Fishtail braid about 1/2 to 1/3 of the pony, depending on hair length. To do this, split the hair in two, take a strand from underneath one half, pass it over the top then underneath the opposite strand. Do the same on the other side and repeat until the braid is long enough.

Step four: Secure at the ends with another small tie then camouflage it the exact same way as before.

Step five: Apply a finishing spray to give your new style a slight sheen and plenty of staying power!

What do you think? Will you be trying this look?


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