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Long hair: 6 fresh ways to style long hair for fall

/ 10.20.2016
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  •  Long hair: 6 fresh ways to style long hair for fall
  •  Long hair: 6 fresh ways to style long hair for fall
  •  Long hair: 6 fresh ways to style long hair for fall
  •  Long hair: 6 fresh ways to style long hair for fall
  •  Long hair: 6 fresh ways to style long hair for fall
  •  Long hair: 6 fresh ways to style long hair for fall

It's true that many people with shorter hair envy those with long hair for their ability to style it however they like. But often times, those with long hair get stuck in the routine of leaving their long locks either pin-straight against their shoulders or voluminous and curly, resulting from a lack of daily hair inspiration.

That's why Get The Look is offering 6 fresh new ways to style long hair this season. Get your hot tools and product ready!



If you'd rather not stray away from signature curls, try opting for bouncy, feathered ends like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's. When blow-drying, use a round brush to bring the ends up and away from the face, and some volumizing spray for well, volume.


If you're looking to achieve that I-don't-care cool-girl look like Cara Delevingne, when you wake up in the morning, simply scrunch a texturizing spray or gel through your hair and you're ready to go!


If you were blessed with super long, thick hair, flaunt it! Load on the layers and make it dramatic with a super high ponytail like Ariana Grande's. For volume, turn it into a half ponytail by leaving half of your hair down, curled against your shoulders.


If you're tired of wrapping your strands around the same curling iron over and over again resulting in the same type of curls, try opting for a different size barrel that will give you big, vintage old Hollywood curls. To do this, separate your hair into a deep side part and spray it with a heat protective spray to avoid damage before curling. Using a large barrel curling iron, curl large sections of hair one by one. To get that vintage look, curl your bangs to perfection, starting at the root of the strand to create a large, voluminous curl. Pin the side of your head with the least amount of hair behind your ear and brush out your curls to create a softer look.


If you have the time (and patience) take this season's braid trend a step further by covering your entire head in mini braids. Start at the root using a small section of hair, and work your way to the ends. Or, if your attempts to grow out your mane prove fruitless, opt for braided extensions like Zoe Kravitz.


Channel your inner mermaid with super-long, wavy hair that looks as though it's been dipped in salt water. To do this, section your hair off (top and bottom) leaving the bottom section free and the top section tied out of the way into a knot. Use a small barrel curling iron and wrap tiny strands of hair around the barrel, one by one. After you've completed the bottom section of your head, release the top section from the elastic and repeat. Add texture to your hair by spraying it with a matt & messy spray and scrunching it through using your fingers.


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