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Let's shake up those ombre locks

/ 04.06.2014
Let's shake up those ombre locks
Let's shake up those ombre locks

Ombre hair is one of the most compelling and flattering hair trends out there right now. It spices up any hairstyle to just the right degree, adding edge and dimension to any medium brown-dark brown hair color.

This pervasive hair dying trend looks particularly dazzling when it's pulled into an updo of sorts. There are many possibilities when considering this hairstyle; one might even say endless. Let's narrow things down.

How to: the ombre updo

Don't be afraid to get creative with this. The general idea is to pull your hair back in a relaxed, natural fashion, with some pieces left free for a unique, disheveled appearance.

As a quick tip, first focus on whether you want your roots at the crown of your head to lay flat or if you want to embrace a more voluminous look. Tease your roots at the crown for a delightfully messy look, or leave it relaxed for a more flowing appearance.

Next: pull your hair into sections. Decide whether you'd like two sections or three, then decide which end you want to work on first: top or bottom.

The bottom half

Secure the other section (s) temporarily. You can do two things with this bottom portion: a loose, messy bun, or a twist-through pony. For a messy bun, begin with a pony tail and pull on the elastic to loosen. Twist the hair around and pin the edges.

Pull out some stray hair and play with the shape of the bun. For the twist-through pony, create a hole above the elastic in the original pony tail, and pull hair up through the hole; this way you have a loose pony tail with a twisted edge.

The top portion

Do a loose fishtail or some other version of a loose, textured appearance (pinned, twisted hair or loose braiding will do). For instance, gather the hair in a ponytail, secure, and then fold it upward and let the tail hang. Use pins to secure as you'd like around the edges.

To finish this look, pull any hair around the sides or front to relax the look further, and even add a small braid or two that you can pin along the sides to add texture.


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