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Let's get romantic with a mussed bun: a truly great party style!

/ 04.02.2014
Let's get romantic with a mussed bun: a truly great party style!
Let's get romantic with a mussed bun: a truly great party style!
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Ah, yes; the romantic mussed bun! This is always a beautiful and intriguing choice. A bun of this sort is great for parties and gatherings of any sort; it can even be a great option for an upscale event such as a wedding.

This romantic-style bun works wonderfully with a cute summer dress or an everyday layered bohemian look during those winter months, perhaps alongside some scarves! The overall tousled appearance keeps things casual, while the twisted front ends and the dangling tresses make it delicate and elegant.

You can vary this look in some of its aspects, and don't be afraid to play with your part (side vs. middle), or to leave some sweeping bangs in front. You really can`t go wrong with this hairstyle, so use your styling instincts!

Create it!

To create the look: braid or twist the fronts of your hair (gathering little chunks at a time and incorporating them into a twist or French braid) and pull to the back. You can play with this look by dividing your hair in the front and creating more than one braid, or by leaving some sections of your hair out that you can later twist back and secure with pins (try overlapping small, individual braids, to add dimension).

Gather the braids together at the back of your head and create a knot bun where the braids meet, leaving the tail ends of the braids out. Secure with an elastic and some pins. Curl the loose ends of your hair, or twist them with product, to create some intrigue.You can even tease your roots at the crown before beginning to give this look some added oomph.

The romantic mussed bun works best with long hair, seeing as there is simply more to braid, and lots left over, but you can mimic this look with short hair minus the hanging bits.

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