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Lea Michele, textured braid tutorial

/ 04.05.2014
Lea Michele, textured braid tutorial
Lea Michele, textured braid tutorial

L'Oréal Paris spokesperson Lea Michele's hair looks gorgeous on any given occasion and she is a constant source of hairstyle inspiration for us. Take, for example, this French braid hairstyle. The hairstyle show of the singer's subtle ombre highlights, despite it's subtle wet look effect. If you're in need of a glamorous look, this is the style for you. Not only is it guaranteed to bring some sophistication to your look but it will also create a style statement all by itself.

How you style your braid will depend on exactly how much texture you want to work into your the style. If you want a super wavy look like Lea, be sure to factor in a little extra styling time.

Get your wave on

After washing your hair, scrunch some curling mousse evenly throughout your locks. If you have the time, allow your hair to dry naturally. Your hair will love you for sparing it from the heat damage! If you're in a rush, then use a curling iron. Split your hair into medium-sized sections. Then, use a medium-sized curling iron to curl all of your hair, starting as close to the root as you can and continuing right to the ends of the hair.

Time to braid

Start by adding some volume at the front of your hair with a subtle pomp. To do so, apply some hair gum to the top sections of your hair and massage the roots. Grab a little bit more of the product and work it through the rest of your hair and finger comb through.

Start French braiding at the top of your head, pushing your hair upwards slightly when you overlap the three strands for the first time. Continue to French braid loosely all the way down the back of your head. Once your braid reaches the nape of your neck, continue with a regular three-strand braiding technique until you reach the ends of the hair. Fix the braid in place with a clear hair elastic.

Finally, muss the braid slightly with your fingertips and gently massage your roots again to get some extra volume.

Top tip: Pair with a barely there makeup look to avoid overwhelming your look.

Happy styling!


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