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Keeping it classy with a retro bun

/ 04.06.2014
Keeping it classy with a retro bun
Keeping it classy with a retro bun
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The wavy charm of the classic retro bun is much sought after. It's a lovely red carpet look and a great way to play up any outfit. It also has the added benefit of speaking to your hairstyling prowess, so let's get started on mastering this elegant look.

If you already have wavy hair then this look will be a bit easier to achieve, but for the rest of us there's always our trusty curling irons. And, don't forget your army of bobby pins.

Let's create it

1/ Inspiration

Remember to keep things wavy and polished. You want to create the flowing appearance without actually allowing any movement or loose bits. You also want over-the-top sheen so that this look really comes to life and is ultra-glamorous.

2/ Do it

Apply a hairstyling product and some shine serum to damp hair before blow-drying. Once your hair is dry, begin creating individual curls with a large curling iron. It may be useful to pin your hair up while you're working to create curls throughout individual sections, especially if you have thick hair.

Once you've finished, work a brush throughout your hair to gently gather the curls together and create large waves. Collect your hair around the side/back of your head and twist into a bun, securing with several pins. Make sure that all of your hair is in place by tracing your fingers over the contours of the finished hairstyle. You may want to add some more hair product to ease fly-aways.

If you have really curly hair naturally, try straightening your hair before the curling process to create this flowing, wavy effect. Otherwise, naturally curly hair lends itself to a large variety of great bun styles as is!

Fun tip: you may want to add some sort of vintage hair accessory (something sparkly?) to the bun for added glam.

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