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Keep it simple: easy hair tutorial for a night out

/ 08.08.2014
Party-ready in no time!
Party-ready in no time!

When you have a night out planned but on't have a lot of time to spend getting ready, a quick, efficient hairstyle is essential. How many times have we all (or is it just us?) come home from work and run back out the door after a fifteen minute turnaround that mostly consisted of putting on different shoes and a bit of lipstick? When your schedule fills up and leaves you with what feels like 30 seconds to do your hair, it's really useful to have a few fast, easy hairstyles in your repertoire.

We just love the style featured opposite because it actually can be done in mere minutes, leaving you plenty of precious seconds for lipstick application! To get the look, all you need to do is follow the tutorial below.

Step one

Apply a straightening cream evenly throughout and quickly straighten your hair. Don't worry about getting a perfectly sleek finish, you just want straight-ish mane.

Step two

Brush all your hair back off your face and spray it generously with hairspray. Lots of hairspray. Lashings of the stuff.

Step three

Section off some hair at the front then tease it from behind to build volume. Smooth it over then spray it with more hairspray. Pin it into a small quiff, bumping the hair forwards a little as you do so. Brush the rest of your hair through then spray it one last time. That's it!

If you want an edgier finish, use a small amount of styling gum on the lengths then comb the hair through. You'll end up with a subtle 90s grunge look that works wonders with a bold lipstick.

Happy styling!

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