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How to style ombré hair: with a faux bob!

/ 09.18.2014
Faux ombre bob
Faux ombre bob

Ombré hair has been around so long it now has many derivatives, including sombré, bronde and wild & colored ombrés. If anything, this makes finding great hairdos for multi-toned locks more important than ever if you want to avoid getting stuck in a styling rut. One of our favorite looks for ombré hair of any variety has to be the faux bob, not least because it allows you to fake a short cut and show off your fabulous color at the same time!

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Step one
Start by parting your hair deep on one side, using a tail comb for accuracy - you want to get a smooth, straight line!

Step two
Apply a heat protectant evenly throughout, then curl your hair, using a 1 1/4" iron for small-medium curves. Gently brush the curls through when you're done to get a unified wave. If your curls tend to fall out easily, try these styling tricks to make them stay put all day (or night) long.

Step three
Tie your hair into a loose, low pony then pull the elastic out, stopping about two inches from the ends. Fold the tie underneath the rest of the hair then roll it all back in towards the nape of your neck. Once there, splay the faux ends with your hands and pin to secure them.

Step four
Make any final adjustments to the look with your fingers, and more pins if needed. Then, complete your new style with a generous mist of strong-hold finishing spray. Et voilà! Your faux bob is complete!


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